Dry down thoroughly and

Whether pillows, down duvets or down jackets, your down products should always be dried immediately after washing. Do not hang your down product on or over the heater; use a tumble dryer and set it to the highest level (up to 120 degrees). This is the only way to maintain quality in the long term.

During all drying processes, it is essential to ensure that the down is completely dry, otherwise there is a risk of unpleasant smells or the down becoming clumped. To make sure there’s no more damp down: after the first cycle, get the load out of the dryer, shake it up by hand, and let it cool down. If you then still find damp spots, repeat the drying process until everything feels completely dry. If newer dryers switch off too early, the sensors can be tricked by adding in a damp towel.
When drying your down products in the tumble dryer, it is advantageous to use a drum with a large capacity. Because the more space the down has, the easier it is for it to spread out again. For a good fluffy feeling even after cleaning, add three to four dryer balls to the drying process, or try some clean, colourless tennis balls. The circulation of the balls can help the down to loosen up more easily and thus regain its fullness.

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If the filling still feels damp and lumpy after the first drying cycle, you should definitely put it through another. If the dryer switches off too early, the sensors can be tricked by adding in a damp towel.


Drying your down jacket

To dry your down jacket completely and to get the best puffy, fluffy result, hang it freely in the air for 24 hours after the drying process and knead it well again and again.

Down laundry without a dryer

Washing down pillows, down jackets or down products in general without a dryer is generally not recommended. The drying processes without a dryer can be very tedious or complicated, and you run the risk of the down permanently clumping together. If there is residual moisture in the down, mould can even develop, or unhealthy germs form. So it’s best to go to a launderette to dry your down products properly. If the label says that your down product is not suitable for tumble drying, you should ideally seek professional bed linen cleaning.