Caring for down

We want to provide you with ideal sleeping conditions at all times. Because restful sleep is the best basis for a healthy and balanced life. That is why we not only manufacture our bedding to the highest quality standards, but also want to point out the importance of proper care. So that you can enjoy your down and feather products in the long term: here are the most important tips and tricks to keep your pillows, duvets, blankets and even down jackets in top shape.


Caring for synthetic bedding

Just like down bedding, bedding made from synthetic fibres also needs professional care so that it remains voluminous, warm and cosy in the long term. In order to be able to enjoy your synthetic blankets and synthetic pillows every day just as you did on the very first day you got them, treat them using the same procedure as outlined in our care tips. Just be aware that some parameters, such as the maximum washing temperature or dryer settings, may differ from those of the down products.


For high-quality down duvets, such as eiderdown duvets, an overhaul is the most sensible. This means that the eiderdown is separated from its cover, cleaned separately, and then placed in a new cover. Let our specialist staff advise you.