The correct care of down duvets and feather pillows determines their lifespan – and their fluffiness. What you need to pay attention to during care, as well as answers to questions such as “How long should bed linen be aired for?”, “How do I clean my down products?” and “How do I preserve the fill power of my down?”, can be found in the following chapter.

Loosen the down

Shake pillows and duvets briefly every day after use. This makes the down fluffy again and gives it back its fill power.

Ventilate regularly

Similar to wine, bedding also needs enough time to “breathe” in order to be able to spread out freely. So don’t cover your pillow or duvet immediately after getting up. If possible, it is recommended to air bed linen regularly on the balcony or at the window. How long the bed linen needs to be aired depends on the weather conditions. In summer, when it is a bit warmer in the morning, a good hour is usually enough. At other times of the year, up to two hours is recommended. Please make sure that the bedding is not exposed to rain or high humidity (e.g., fog). Down should not be placed in the blazing sun, otherwise it will become dry and brittle.


Dust and lint on duvet covers are best removed with a soft brush. Please do not use a vacuum cleaner or carpet beater.

Caring for down jackets

Once a down jacket has been clumped, it cannot be loosened up again – not even by washing or drying it again. For this reason, it is important to observe a few tips in order to care for down jackets optimally: only wash and dry the jacket when it is really necessary. During each wash, the down is stripped of some of its fat layer, which has a negative effect on its fill power. Let your jacket air regularly and make sure it is stored in a clean place. For areas that are susceptible to dirt, such as the collar or the sleeves, it is advisable to clean the soiled spots with lukewarm water and a little added detergent. But here, too, the following applies: afterwards, let it dry well and shake the jacket regularly. This is the only way to ensure that the down stays in shape.